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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

This privacy policy pertains to the personal information that is obtained on this website, as well as, the personal information obtained during the course of providing Medical Second Opinion services.

The privacy and security of your personal information is important to us. Medical Second Opinion depends on your personal information to provide accurate medical second opinions to your health-care questions. That is why we are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of the personal information that we collect, store, use, and disclose during a Medical Second Opinion request. In the conduct of our business, we comply with the requirements under applicable laws, namely the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and applicable provincial privacy legislation.

What constitutes personal information?

Data you provide us and that would allow you to be identified such as name, address, date of birth, relevant medical history, etc., constitute personal information. Also, medical records collected with your authorization from third parties such as physicians, hospitals, medical clinics, etc., constitute personal information.

How does Medical Second Opinion use my information?

Information collected when contacting us through the Medical Second Opinion website is used to respond to your queries and to analyze activity on the Medical Second Opinion website.

Information collected for a Medical Second Opinion request is used to conduct a review of your medical condition and to produce a Medical Second Opinion report. It is also used to analyse the utilization of the Medical Second Opinion service.

Who is accountable for the protection of my personal information and medical/health information?

Medical Second Opinion is accountable for the protection of all the personal information that is obtained on this website, as well as the personal information obtained during the course of providing Medical Second Opinion services and the Medical Second Opinion report, which you receive once the Medical Second Opinion request is completed.

Medical Second Opinion is also accountable for the protection of personal information collected, with your authorization, on your behalf by a third party.

How does Medical Second Opinion disclose my personal information to Medical Second Opinion specialists?

Your personal information is electronically transmitted and disclosed to our Medical Second Opinion specialists via a secure, web-based application. Any personal information that cannot be electronically transmitted, such as X-ray films, MRI’s or other medical images, are transmitted by a guaranteed express delivery service.

Where is my personal information stored?

Your personal information is stored on a dedicated server that belongs to Medical Second Opinion and that uniquely contains Medical Second Opinion client’s data. The server is located on premise at affiliated University Healthcare Centre in Montreal, Quebec. Any personal information that cannot be electronically stored such as X-ray films, MRI’s and other medical images, are archived at the Medical Second Opinion Coordination Centre according to applicable laws under double lock in Montreal, Quebec.

How is my personal information protected?

Your personal information is protected through the use of encryption SSL protocol.

Who has access to my personal information?

Medical Second Opinion employees and authorized contractors involved in the Medical Second Opinion service have access to your personal information.

Medical Second Opinion ensures that its employees and contractors assign great importance to the confidentiality of personal information and follow strict corporate guidelines in this regard. Our employees and our contractors understand that legitimate business reasons are required for collecting, accessing, and/or using personal information. Our employees and authorized contractors only access your personal information to the extent required for such employees or contractors to perform their work responsibilities.

Who owns the medical information that is collected on my behalf?

The medical information that is collected on your behalf for the purpose of providing Medical Second Opinion services constitutes a medical record. The patient owns the medical information; however, Medical Second Opinion owns the medical record.

Can I access my Medical Second Opinion medical record?

Yes. You can request a copy of your Medical Second Opinion medical record at any time and a copy will be provided to you. In addition, upon completion of a Medical Second Opinion request, a copy of your medical record will be sent to you along with the Medical Second Opinion report.

If you have any suggestions, would like to request a copy of your medical record, or have a complaint relating to the manner in which your personal information has been treated, please contact us by mail:

Privacy Officer
Medical Second Opinion
1514 du Docteur-Penfield Ave.
Suite 200
Montreal, QC H3G 1B9

Or by e-mail:


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