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About Medical Second Opinion

Medical Second Opinion, drawing on the expertise of healthcare professionals affiliated with leading Canadian academic medical institutions, is a special service provider through private health insurance plans. It allows individuals to obtain second opinions from leading medical specialists who are affiliated with these centres following diagnosis of a serious medical condition.

Upon request, Medical Second Opinion specialists from the affiliated leading Canadian academic medical centres will review patient files, verify the diagnosis according to the most up-to-date practice guidelines and confirm or propose modifications to the suggested treatment plan as required.

Seeking a second opinion in cases of serious illness is a common and accepted practice. Medical Second Opinion simply accelerates and streamlines the process, enabling patients across Canada with appropriate insurance coverage to take advantage of this long-established practice through third-party review of the medical records submitted to Medical Second Opinion.

As leaders in their respective fields of medicine, our specialists are globally connected to resources and clinical expertise, facilitating consultation with a network of world-class experts as required.

Medical Second Opinion is owned and operated by MMI Montreal Medical International Inc. (MMI) (, a Canadian leader in coordinating delivery of a wide range of medical and healthcare related services around the world. MMI has been providing MSO consultation services for almost a decade (the first of such services that is Canadian-based), drawing on independently contracted physicians affiliated with leading academic Canadian medical centres, in particular the Faculty of Medicine of McGill University, and associated directly with health assistance experts and various private group health insurers.

MMI believes that individuals have the right to put their health first. Through its participation in this private insurance-based business, coordinating the delivery of medical second opinions by qualified physicians, MMI is helping to ensure that patients get the right diagnosis, the best treatment options, and have increased access to advanced knowledge within the Canadian healthcare system.

Electronically coordinated via the MMI MSO Coordination Centre using secure web-based technology, MSO services provide patients and their own treating physicians with access to independent medical reviews, diagnosis and treatment recommendations on complex medical issues across a range of medical specialities.

ABOUT OUR PARTNERS—Leading Canadian Academic Medical Institutions

Our leading Canadian academic medical institutions represent comprehensive academic health institutions with an international reputation for excellence in clinical programs, research and teaching. These are ranked among the best North American institutions of two invited Canadian members of The American Association of Universities (AAU). AAU consists of 62 top-ranking institutions in the U.S. and Canada. Often these Centres are members of the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada and the Association of Canadian Academic Health Organizations.

Novus Health

Novus Health is Canada’s leader in health navigation and health management solutions. Novus’ assistance and technology expertise helps its clients and other organizations connect members to compelling health-empowering programs that drive engagement, customer satisfaction, and business growth.

Made-in-Canada Medical Support

Canadians enjoy one of the best health-care systems in the world. Canada is a leader in health care and medical research. That is why, when we need a second opinion, we turn to Canadian specialists at affiliated Canadian academic medical institutions and their leading experts who have the latest medical knowledge at their fingertips, and who know exactly how the Canadian health-care system works.

Working Within The Canadian Medical System

If you are seriously ill, you will wish to be diagnosed and treated as close to home as possible. The last thing you need is the expense and difficulty of unnecessary travel. The Medical Second Opinion specialists who work at affiliated Canadian academic medical centres will review your file and validate your diagnosis right in their own offices. You will never have to leave your home, no matter where you live in Canada. Then, once they review best treatment options, they will recommend those that are as close to your home as possible—and ideally within Canada. Of course, if the best treatment for a condition is only available abroad, our specialists will not hesitate to recommend this. What matters most is your well-being. In cases where the best treatment is only available outside of Canada, the Medical Second Opinion service will assist in finding a treatment abroad. If treatment costs are not covered by the Canadian Medicare System, then the costs of medical treatment abroad and transportation and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the patient.

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