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Confirm diagnosis and treatment options

Confirm diagnosis and treatment options

At Medical Second Opinion, your welfare comes first. That means confirming the diagnosis and making sure that you receive the most advanced, most effective treatment.

Effective treatment is often available near home. Sometimes, however, our specialists may recommend that patients consider treatment in another part of Canada, or even in another country. Of course, no one wants to travel while ill. For some patients, however, the prospect of more effective treatment may be worth the inconvenience of travelling. Our Medical Second Opinion specialists take all these factors into consideration when making their treatment recommendations.

Treatment that includes your doctor

With your consent, the Medical Second Opinion team will keep your doctor fully informed at every step of the consultation process. After your case has been reviewed, your doctor will receive a written, signed report from the Medical Second Opinion specialist. Your doctor may then consult with this specialist if required.

Treatment close home

The Medical Second Opinion team makes every effort to identify effective treatment options close to where the patient lives. Advanced treatment is often available, especially in major Canadian cities.

Treatment within Canada

In cases where the best treatment is not available in or near your city, the Medical Second Opinion team will suggest treatment options in alternate locations, always keeping your convenience in mind. Their recommendations will also take into account the need for your doctor to make appropriate referrals and follow up on your care.

Treatment abroad

In some cases, the most effective treatment is only available in another country. Even though Canada has an advanced medical system, treatment abroad may be preferable if:

  • Time-sensitive treatment is more readily available
  • Experimental treatment is only available at a small number of centres outside Canada
  • A specific treatment is not yet available in Canada

Should the recommended treatment be available only outside Canada, Medical Second Opinion will make all necessary arrangements on your behalf by coordinating transportation, admission at the medical institution and repatriation to Canada. Medical Second Opinion provides access to the best medical expertise at the most affordable cost, thanks to its international medical provider network.

If treatment costs are not covered by the Canadian Medicare System, then the costs of medical treatment abroad and transportation and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the patient.

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