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Case studies

The right treatment lets a 14-year-old boy return to the sport he loves

A 14-year-old boy was playing competitive hockey when he began to experience severe dizziness and light-headedness. When symptoms persisted, his mother took him for assessment. His pediatrician determined he was suffering from a rare problem: the electrical conduction system of his heart was malfunctioning under conditions of extreme physical effort.

To confirm the diagnosis and validate the proposed treatment plan, the boy’s parents sent his file to Medical Second Opinion. The Medical Second Opinion expert in electrical cardiology (a member of the Medical Faculty of one of MSO’s affiliated medical academic centres reviewed the documents. He confirmed the diagnosis and recommended that the best treatment option was to remove the heart tissue causing the problem, using a technique known as ablation therapy.

A Canadian expert was identified. He assessed and successfully treated his young patient. The boy has now returned to playing hockey, and has no further complications.

An expert second opinion provides peace of mind and reassurance

A 37-year-old woman was diagnosed with Tarlov cysts, an unusual kind of growth in the spinal region. She also experienced lower back discomfort with mild radiating pain down her left leg. The patient researched this type of cyst further and was disturbed by what she found. She wondered if the Tarlov cysts were causing her back pain, and if they would require special treatment or limit her lifestyle in some way.

After reviewing her file, the Medical Second Opinion specialist concluded that the Tarlov cysts were not related to her back pain, and had probably been present for some time. He was able to reassure the patient that the cysts would not affect her lifestyle and did not require surgery. He answered the patient’s questions about Tarlov cysts in detail, recommended a regimen of “watchful waiting” and assured her that he would re-evaluate her case if symptoms worsened in the future.

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