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Seven steps towards obtaining the medical second opinion

Seven steps towards obtaining the medical second opinion

Medical Second Opinion has developed a reliable process to ensure that patients and their doctors receive vital expert opinions as soon as possible. The seven-step process transfers information to the appropriate specialist for review, then transmits the expert medical second opinion back to the patient and the treating physician, so together they can continue their dialogue about appropriate treatment.

1 - Patient Calls to Determine Eligibility

The patient calls the Medical Second Opinion call centre to request a medical second opinion. The Medical Second Opinion coordinator verifies eligibility and sends the patient the required authorization and request forms in order to collect all medical files on the patient’s behalf. This data collection service requires minimal patient involvement, to reduce stress in a difficult time.

2 - Medical Second Opinion Coordinator Opens File and Gathers Medical Records

Upon reception of the patient’s forms and medical records, the Medical Second Opinion coordinator opens the patient’s file, gathers medical histories and other medical information relevant to the case, and insures that privacy of patient information standards and protocols are respected as the file is electronically transmitted to the Medical Second Opinion case manager.

3 - Medical Second Opinion Case Manager Provides Specialist with Medical Records

Once complete medical information is collected, the team works to identify the specialist who is best qualified to review the case. Using advanced, high-security technology, Medical Second Opinion provides the specialist with all relevant medical reports, data and test results.

4 - The Medical Second Opinion Specialist Reviews Case

The Medical Second Opinion specialist conducts an in-depth review of the medical files. The goal is quickly to confirm the patient’s diagnosis and endorse the proposed treatment plan or recommend additional treatment alternatives.

5 - Medical Second Opinion Specialist Renders an Opinion

The Medical Second Opinion specialist renders an opinion on the original diagnosis and supports or recommends an alternative to the proposed treatment plan.

6 - Medical Second Opinion Specialist Prepares Final Report

Our specialist will prepare a final, signed, Medical Second Opinion report, which will be sent to the patient’s treating physician through the Medical Second Opinion case manager. Patients will also receive a copy of the final report in addition to their medical records and test results for future reference. Our team will use all security measures to preserve the privacy of the patient’s medical records and personal information.

7 - Treating Physician Consults With Medical Second Opinion Specialist As Needed

If required, the patient’s doctor can consult with the Medical Second Opinion specialist who reviewed the case through our coordination centre.

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