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Our process

Medical Second Opinion Can Help

Based on a review of your medical records, Medical Second Opinion can provide a second opinion from a leading Canadian medical specialist—an opinion you can trust without reservation. When you need answers, Medical Second Opinion is there for you.

Gathering Your Records

With your consent, and in compliance with privacy  laws, we gather your medical files, test data and reports and provide all required material to our specialist. We also provide you with a complete copy of your records, as well as the specialist’s report, once it is finalized.

Working With Your Doctor

At every step of the way, with your consent, the Medical Second Opinion specialist works with your doctor. Together, they ensure your diagnosis is correct and your treatment plan is right for you.

Finding the Right Specialist

Once we have your medical records, the Medical Second Opinion team works to identify the medical expert who can best assess your medical file.

Confirming Your Diagnosis & Treatment Options

Once your file is in the hands of the Medical Second Opinion specialist, your case is reviewed in depth and an opinion is rendered.

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